Desert Miracle Olive Oil

Desert Miracle Olive Oil


Are you ready for a next-level Olive Oil for your food?

Desert Miracle Cold Pressed Polyphenol Rich Moroccan Olive Oil | Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil with High Polyphenols | 500 milliliters | First Cold Pressed EVOO From Morocco | Rich Polyphenol Extra Virgin Olive Oil | Gold Medals Awards Winning Olive Oil Trusted By The Best Master Chefs In The World.

About this item【 Ultra-Premium Organic EVOO Olive Oil From Morocco 】 We are located in the middle of a rocky desert on the phosphate plate at 150 Kilometers from Casablanca towards Marrakech. In this Farm, we removed more than 480,000 cubic meters of stones and built one wall by hand, stone by stone, on a length of 6 Kilometers 1.5 meter high and 1 meter deep. In this way, we have finally attained the optimal agronomic characteristics required by the olive trees for the best possible olive production.

【 High Polyphenol and First Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil 】 Our Olive trees are planted in a harsh rocky desert in Morocco. The significant temperature variations (124°F in summer with extremely cold nights), the rocky soil where the roots struggle to develop along with the scarcity of water puts stress on the olive trees. In the process of protecting themselves, the olive trees produce a high amount of antioxidants. Extremely Healthy Olive Oil in Rich Polyphenols

【 The best chefs in the world prefer Desert Miracle 】 Exclusive Restaurants and luxury hotels, but also high representative institutions and prestigious gourmet stores (as well as award-winning American Chefs) have chosen our extra virgin olive oils. Ten Michelin-starred restaurants use Desert Miracle Olive Oils to create dishes intended for an exclusive, refined, and demanding public.

【 Who Are Using Our Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oils? 】 Hotel George V in Paris (Michelin Star Restaurant), Embassy of USA in Paris, Jean Marie Amat Restaurant in Bordeaux , Pierre Gagnaire ( Michelin Star Chef ) , Yannick Alleno ( Michelin Star Chef ) , Thierry Marx ( Michelin Star Chef ) , Frédéric Antonr ( Michelin Star Chef ) and more ...

This Olive Oil here is unlike any you will find in your grocery store. 1 teaspoon of this is equal to 30 teaspoons of regular Olive Oil.Not only is it excellent for any of your foods but it's the most HEALTHY OLIVE OIL on the planet. You'll never go back to regular dressings and oils again on a regular basis.It aids in weight loss, suppressing your appetite, high blood pressure, diabetes, and other health issues.Pick up one, two, or three bottles today. Each bottle is only $24.95. You'll be glad you did, the taste is amazing and natural.

TESTIMONIES:Love this product!"This product is fantastic! Normally I do not like extra virgin olive oil due to the bitterness. But this oil does not have that bitterness at all. Just a pleasant true olive oil taste. Use it on my salads daily.
As a bonus, I have read the olive oil grown from the desert has the most health benefits!" Mary

"Best high phenol olive oil in the United States, "This oil is so good and fresh plus has all the health benefits of high phenol content." S.G.Just as Good as Dr, Gundry for 1/2 the price.

"Great Olive oil for dietary or cooking. Has the special ingredient that Dr. Gundry talks about in his overpriced olive oil. Comes form the same place and process." Randy

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